Using Electronic Devices

I Can’t Live Without My Blow-dryer…

Moving overseas can make things a bit more complicated than a local move. The simplest electronics, like an electronic toothbrush, can cause the biggest problems!

If you have any questions about electronics or anything else, feel free to contact us , we’d love to hear from you and help make your move as stress-free as possible.

So, before throwing your favorite plug-in devices into your suitcase, find out what the voltage is in the country you are relocating to and whether or not your electronics are compatible.
You can find this information on the cord of the item or the actual item itself in most cases. Electronics that require higher voltage, such as computers, DVD players, digital cameras, video game systems, etc. will be compatible with a broader range of voltages and hertz systems.

If your electronics are compatible with the voltages of the country you are moving overseas to, you will then need to research what type of plugs they use. Although you cannot adjust the voltage of your electronics, you can modify the plugs!

As there are around 13 different style plugs and outlets, it is very important to purchase an adaptor that can be used with all of the sockets present in the country you are moving overseas to.

Take advantage of the World Electric Guide, a resource that lists countries alphabetically and lists the plugs and voltages associated with them. It also provides detailed diagrams for each.

After you have researched the outlet and voltages you will come across after moving overseas, head to an electronics store or travel-related store to purchase an adaptor. You may need to purchase more than one to accommodate the various types. You can also try to find these adaptors online at travel accessory web sites.

Have no fear; your favorite electronics can safely make the transition with you through your move overseas!   New York International Shipping wants to rest at ease knowing we will be there to answer any questions you may have every step of the way, including those concerning voltage and plug compatibility!

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