Moving To USA

If you’re an expat returning or relocating to the USA, you’re going to need a reliable overseas shipping company to help you get home. As part of a large network of shipping agents, we are equipped to assist you in returning to the USA regardless of where you’re moving from.

Should you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us we’d love to hear from you and make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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shipping to usa

We can pick up and relocate your shipment from any location in the world via ocean freight or air freight depending on your budget and schedule. To make the process a bit simpler, we will assist you in calculating the total volume of your shipment and present you with your shipping options. From there, you can determine which services best fit your specific situation and let us take it from there!

You will have the following expat return services to choose from:

Ocean Freight:

  • Great for large shipments
  • Very cost-effective
  • Longer shipping time than by Air Freight

Air Freight:

  • Great for small shipments
  • Speedy shipping time (in comparison to Ocean Freight)
  • Easier customs process

All of our customers will experience the same first-class level of expat return services as we walk your shipment through its entire journey from beginning to end. Contact us if you’re curious to receive more information regarding our expat shipping services.

The USA at a Glance

If you’re an expat returning to the USA, you’re probably already quite knowledgeable, but for those moving to the US for the first time we’ve compiled some helpful information to get you better acquainted with your new home!


The U.S. is a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and religions. The root of “main stream” culture is primarily influenced by its original Dutch and English settlers. The U.S. has made great strides and is recognized across the word as a leader in many different industries—entertainment, sports, science, literature, etc.


There are strict regulations regarding employment in the USA, so you must apply for a VISA, which will allow you to legally gain employment.

Real Estate

Many people in the U.S. buy or rent real estate depending on the areas they live in and how long they intend to stay. There are a wide variety of housing styles and prices with some areas far more expensive than others.

Additional Considerations

We recommend that those moving to the USA, whether for the first time or those returning home, look into additional details such as taxation (state and federal), health insurance, returners’ rights, etc.

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