With whom is your company licensed?

NY International shipping is licensed by:

  • FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) as an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier) 019993N
  • Insured and Bonded

Are you a member of any local/international association?
NY International shipping is affiliated with:

  • IAM (International Association of Movers)
  • YP 25 (Young International Movers)

Are you a mover, a broker or an NVOCC?

NY International Shipping is a specialized international relocation company, licensed as an NVOCC with the FMC. We orchestrate and perform every international relocation that is booked through us. Whenever shipping internationally, a company must display professional and complete knowledge of the maritime law. The FMC grants licensing to companies that have displayed that knowledge and are properly insured, bonded and have an ample amount of experience as per their requirements. Operating as a “mover” or “broker” does not qualify a company to provide those services unless they have been approved by the FMC. NY International Shipping is a properly licensed international moving company.

Is my shipping quote based on weight or cubic feet?

NY International Shipping calculates the total cost for shipping based on the total h for your entire shipment when shipping by Ocean Freight and by the total number of kilograms for your entire shipment when shipping by Air Freight. Packing is included in every estimate for full door-to-door service.

Is there an additional charge to schedule a physical survey appointment prior to shipping?

An on-site survey is free of charge and at no obligation whatsoever on your part. NY International Shipping recommends calling in advance so that our surveyor can accommodate your schedule.

Will I be dealing with one local point of contact while shipment is in transit to the final destination?

From the day you choose to use NY International shipping until the day your goods are delivered, you will be in contact with our office and we will advise you at every step of your move overseas. International shipping is an extremely intricate process that requires attention to detail and therefore requires a specialist for each part of the process. You need a moving company who is going to look after you. Our sales team will guide you through the process, while our logistics team takes over and walks you through until you receive confirmation of your delivery.

How do my track my overseas shipment from beginning to end?

Not only will you remain updated of the status of your shipment by one of NY International Shipping’s relocation specialists, but you will also be able to track the process of your overseas shipment through our innovative online tracking program. Please log into our customer center for further information and assistance. You will be able to manage your move through our customer center. Simply log in and you will have access to any information, documents and updates you may need. If you have any problems logging in, please feel free to contact our office for assistance.

Are you able to provide recent testimonials from former customers, both corporate and residential?

Two of the most important things in our business are “referrals” and “word of mouth” business! NY International Shipping has been serving, and continues to serve, the United Nations Industry and fortune 500 companies as well as individuals and their families. You can review referrals on our web site—just a selected few out of the hundreds we have on file! Please feel free to ask your sales representative for access to view our referrals. We strongly recommend you request this of any international relocation company you may be considering.

How much notice do I need to give to book a moving date?

Although we will do our best to accommodate your needs and specifications, including “last minute” moves, we highly recommend that you book services at least 8 weeks in advance. Booking in advance will allow NY International Shipping to better plan out your move in our logistics department—attending to your specific needs and carefully meeting your international relocation criteria. Doing so will ensure a “glitch” free move.

Do you carry marine cargo insurance? If so, what is your deductible? How much is it? What does your policy cover?
Yes, we highly recommend that any freight that is bound for shipping is covered by “all risk” type insurance. While in most cases shipments arrive safely, there are some instances outside of our control where damages occur—anything from rough seas to mishandling at port by port authorities. There are different kinds of insurance policies, however, we suggest “all risk” insurance—you can choose from anything from “zero” to one-thousand. Though we are not an insurance company, NY International Shipping can assist you by providing valuable information to help you make the best choice to suit your needs.
Are there any additional charges that I may incur during my overseas relocation that are not included in my estimate?
NY International Shipping works extremely hard to maintain a form of simplicity in the written quotes we send to you. In your quote you will find a table which indicates in one column the prices that are included and in the other column what is not included. We are completely upfront regarding our services and charges so that you remain informed of the costs you are and will accrue. While it depends on the type of service you choose, the most common charges which are additional to your normal door-to-door moving costs include port and terminal fees, customs inspections, duties, taxes, fumigation (if required), unforeseen events such as abnormal access (the inability to enter and deliver goods under normal circumstances and distance or heavy lifting such as a safe).
Are you and your partner agents a member of the International Movers Association?
NY International Shipping is affiliated with the IMA (International Movers Association)—one of many affiliations/licensures your international moving company of choice should possess. Being a member of the IMA allows us to have a great network and connection to other agencies and companies, enabling you as the customer to receive top-notch services from professional, knowledgeable staff worldwide.
What makes your company different and why should I choose you as my carrier?
Unlike many moving companies out there, NY International Shipping specializes in international relocation from any global destination to any global destination. Our experienced staff of professional international relocation experts—from our experienced international movers to our helpful relocation specialists—are ready and willing to assist you from beginning to end with your international relocation. We have a wonderful reputation, proven by the hundreds of positive references we have received over the years which we would be more than happy to share with you! NY International Shipping, unlike many other companies that offer international relocation assistance, is bonded, insured and licensed by the FMC as an NVOCC.

Does NY International Shipping offer green international moving services?

Yes! NY International Shipping proudly offers green international moving services, cutting back on waste and reducing our paper consumption every chance we get! We also have plenty of tips to help each of our environment-aware customers make eco-friendly choices as they go through their international relocations.

Does NY International Shipping offer pet relocation services?

Yes! NY International Shipping offers safe, reliable pet international relocation services that will guarantee that your pet or pets will reach your new residence safe and sound with all of the necessary documents and meeting all medical requirements. We will educate you in the things your pet will need prior to your international relocation as well as whether or not your pet will have to go into quarantine and for how long.

Does NY International Shipping offer storage? If so, is it short-term or long-term? Is it secure and weather-proof?

NY International Shipping owns and operates its own private warehouse with 24-hour security surveillance, a climate controlled atmosphere and a carefully regulated organizational system that prevents your household goods from being mixed up with other customers’ goods. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options to suit your specific needs.

I want to bring my car, do you ship vehicles?

Yes! NY International Shipping offers a variety of different international vehicle shipping options including RO-RO (roll on-roll off). Roll-on Roll-off (RO-RO) vehicle ferry service is offered to and from many destinations worldwide. Vehicle carriers, built specifically for this purpose, are used to transport automobiles safely across the globe overseas. By choosing this shipment method, your vehicle will remain protected from the elements in a sealed car deck which is secured to the ship’s deck. RO-RO shipping refers to the shipping method when cargo is driven directly on and then off of the vessel for transport. You can utilize RO-RO shipping to transport cars, tractors, trucks, buses or oversized cargo overseas by loading them onto a lowboy, flatbed trailer and transporting them by sea.

Does NY International Shipping provide corporate relocation services?

Yes! NY International Shipping provides comprehensive and complete corporate relocation services to any global destination, having worked with companies large and small over the years.

I have oversized freight, is anything too large to ship?

NY International Shipping can handle any freight of any size from anywhere to anywhere. If you intend to ship large freight—special projects include yachts, buses, machines, etc.—we are able to make special accommodations to make sure your international relocation goes smoothly and your oversized freight makes it securely and safely to the destination of your choice.

Can I trust NY International Shipping with my most valuable possessions, such priceless works of art?

Of course! Our teams consist of very well-trained professionals that only perform international shipping. Our teams are divided into a general team and art crew team—with an in-house crating facility for special pieces of art. NY International Shipping is properly licensed to operate in our industry by the Federal Maritime Commission, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation. We are affiliated with organizations such as the IMA (International Movers Association) and the Foreign Freight Forwarders Association, which places our company at a level above much of our competition.   The vast combined experience of all of our professional staff, for both the teams on the ground as well as in the office, is invaluable.

Will I need to provide my own boxes and packing materials?

No! NY International Shipping will provide special packing materials, boxes and/or crates specifically made for international shipping and constructed to best protect your goods while undergoing shipment via the means which you have chosen (Air Freight or Ocean Freight). Normally, when choosing door-to-door services our crew will arrive with appropriate, certified international wrapping and packing materials intended for the purpose of absorbing the “shocks” related to shipping internationally. Our crew will professionally pack and wrap your freight exceeding the international standards required for international shipping.

Can I pack my own goods?

Yes, while NY International Shipping offers fabulous, professional international packing services, it is up to the customer whether or not they take advantage of this service. If you prefer to have a hand in the packing procedure or which to simply do it all yourself, NY International Shipping would be more than happy to accommodate whatever makes you most comfortable.

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