Moving With Kids

Leave the Stress Behind

Moving overseas can be extremely difficult for anyone, but children seem to be especially sensitive to this kind of change.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us , we’d love to hear from you and help make your move as stress-free as possible.

We have put together some helpful information to assist parents in preparing for moving overseas with kids:

  • Inform your child as soon as you know you are moving to avoid making him/her feel rushed or blind-sided.
  • Lead by example! Remain as positive as possible about your upcoming family relocation when discussing it in front of your children so that they too will feel positive and secure.
  • Educate your child about the new city and country you’ll be relocating to. Things like videos and language learning programs can be fun ways to get him/her more excited and ready for your new home.
  • Answer your child’s questions about where you’ll be moving to.
  • Keep your child busy by giving him/her jobs to do. Jobs may vary based on his/her age, but may include packing toys, making lists, organizing, etc.
  • Pack favorite/security toys in luggage you will be keeping with you so that your child is surrounded by familiar things.
  • Let your child help decorate his/her new room and make him/her a part of picking out new things such as furniture for your new home.
  • Make the trip fun whenever possible by including activities in carry-ons while traveling. Consider making a stop at an exciting attraction along the way.

It is critical to help your child understand what he/she can expect. Younger children may worry about what will happen to their favorite toys or pets, while older children may be concerned with making new friends and attending new schools. If possible, take your child on a trip to see his/her new home and school prior to your family relocation. If your child is able to see everything ahead of time, it may make the actual transition a bit easier. Your child will be able to begin planning what he/she will do after you move with a better understanding of where you are going.

Educating Kids Overseas

Overseas education is often a big concern for families moving overseas with kids. There are many international schools available across the globe and you may want to consider this for if you’re making a short-term move. By attending an international school, your child will be surrounded by peers that are going through similar transitions. Those making long-term moves that choose to attend international schools will not be immersed as quickly in the culture of their new homes, making transitions more gradual and difficult. If you’re planning to stay long-term, you may want to have your child attend a local school for their education overseas. Consider what is available and what may be best for your child in the long-run before making a decision about educating your kids overseas. You may also want to consider allowing your child to have a say in which school he/she feels most comfortable with.

Educating kids on overseas relocation can be difficult, but with NY International Shipping taking care of the relocation details for you, you can focus on your family and make it a peaceful, smooth transition for everyone.

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