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New Family on the Block: How to Meet Your Neighbors After Moving

You’ve just moved into your new home in your new town, and your family is busy deciding where the TV be placed and how to position the furniture. Movers are swarming all over your new home, and it feels like you’ll never be sane again. Then, along comes a new neighbor with an apple pie and a tray of tea, coffee, or cold drinks, and your faith in humanity is restored. This is the standard scenario we’ve all come to expect when we move into a new neighborhood. But how many of us actually reciprocate once moving day is done and the dust settles? What should you do to be accepted in the community? Here is a list of tips, ...

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10 Tips for Moving Overseas

Moving overseas requires a great deal of preparation and organization. It can be stressful, so it’s best to be prepared and have a list of things in a notebook so you can keep everything in one place and check off your tasks as you complete them. Also, the names and phone numbers of companies and individuals can be kept in the notebook so you can keep track of when you called people, who you talked to and their phone numbers…

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Things You Should Know Before Moving to India

A few years ago, moving to India would probably not have been given much consideration. However, India has become a very powerful nation globally, both politically and economically. With a current population of nearly 1.14 billion, this democratic nation has the world’s second largest population. About 70% of the people live in rural areas, but a current influx of people to the larger cities of India is quickly changing that…

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Ten Tips for Moving Your Pets Internationally

When moving overseas, there are so many things to remember. There are deadlines, regulations, passports, visas, things to turn off, things to turn on, accounts to cancel and new accounts to open. It truly can be a never-ending roller coaster of events and emotions. Some things will go as planned, while other things just seem to fall apart. In fact, one phone call can truly make or break your entire week…

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