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Taking A Good Financial Advice Before Moving Overseas

The intricacies of handling finances when moving abroad can be plentiful; investment portfolios, dual-nation taxation, foreign earned income, real estate, medical insurance, and international currency transfers or money management are just a few of the issues a new expatriate will face. Having a trusted financial advisor who specializes in the nuances of a transnational lifestyle can be your saving grace when it comes to cash because what you don’t know can very well hurt you financially. Be wary, though, of going to just any financial adviser that specializes in assisting expatriates. You will want to look around for a “fee only” advisor; one who charges a flat fee for his services rather than a commission based on percentages. Those who ...

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Home Schooling Laws Overseas

Homeschooling is often the first choice for North American families who choose to live abroad because of language barriers, differing school year calendars, learning disabilities that may not be addressed sufficiently overseas, and basic personal preference, among other reasons. Countries abroad that report the highest instances of home education include New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia and while many countries around the world are legally open when it comes to home education, some are stringently regulated. Others allow homeschooling, but only as an extension of a mandated school system and still others have outlawed the practice completely.  Socially speaking, when it comes to widespread acceptance, only North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand make the list; in ...

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Mi Casa: Home Hunting in a New Country

Looking for the house of your dreams in a new country may not be as ‘dreamlike’ as you imagine. If you don’t speak the language, if you are unfamiliar with the layout of the land, and if you’re not up to speed with all the legal issues involved in signing a lease overseas, finding housing in a new country can be a challenge indeed. To help work through some of the bumps and ensure that your overseas relocation is a smooth-sailing success, here is some top-notch advice from the experts on how to find housing in a foreign country and the types of issues one needs to consider. To Buy or Not to Buy To buy or not to buy ...

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Special Apps for Expat Kids

Expat kids, needless to say, are often on the move and on the go. In today’s digital world, however, they are not only moving halfway around the globe but expat kids are going mobile. Relocating to a faraway place can be exciting and adventurous; on the other hand, moving to a foreign country and being placed in unfamiliar situations can be intimidating, scary, and traumatizing – especially for children. This is where 21st century mobile apps come in. Whether it’s learning a new language, picking up local slang, accessing educational materials, staying in touch with friends and family, or simply chilling out when the stress of moving gets too much, mobile apps can do wonders for expat kids and turn ...

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Expat News Worldwide June 2013

Expat Updates From Around the World The expatriate industry is continually evolving, with over 90% of companies expecting to increase their employee relocation volumes in the coming years. Mobile employees can be found across the globe as companies seek to broaden their demographics, improve the efficiency and reach of their businesses, and remain competitive in the international arena. At the same time, trends and best practices in workforce mobility strategies are taking center stage as HR professionals responsible for employee moves are tasked with enticing, supporting, and facilitating expats and their families. So what’s new in the world of expatriates? Here is a look at some of the latest expat updates from around the world: United Kingdom: Brits are on ...

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British Expat Wave

Brits are on the move – heading away from their home country to relocate abroad. Why? With UK inflation on the rise and better salaries awaiting them in foreign countries, more and more Brits are making the move, taking advantage of more lucrative career opportunities and offering their families a better life. According to statistics, as of 2013, almost 1/3 of Brits are earning a living abroad, compared to only 27% in 2012. Other UK residents head abroad to study and attend college and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. According to a 2013 study, a growing number of Brits are dissatisfied with the UK’s stagnant economy, where unemployment levels have remained constant, where inflation rates have not budged from ...

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Island on the Stream – Shattered Dreams in Cyprus

Many British expats living in Cyprus have been enraged to find out that they do not have access to the money they have deposited into local banks due to the Cyprus bank bailouts. Near the end of last month, thousands of expats were told they would be unable to withdraw money from their accounts with Cyprus banks and were instructed to instead use money from their British accounts. Even online transactions could not be completed as a result of the fiasco.  The issue was not only inconvenient, but was also a huge shock for expats who never even thought this would be a possibility. One expat interviewed by CNBC, Jean Stark, stated: “It was a huge shock. We hadn’t expected ...

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Returning Home – A Crash Course in Settling Back

Reverse culture shock is something that many expatriates experience when returning home after living in a different country for an extended period of time. Adjusting to being back in the U.S is much more difficult that people usually expect. The longer a person has been away, the more difficult it is to find again the place in the old “new” country.   Why Repatriation is Difficult Repatriation is difficult for the same reasons that living abroad is difficult. A person is being forced to change what they have grown accustomed to and what they already considered as “normal”. After spending a couple of years in certain European countries, driving on the left side of the road becomes standard. Coming back ...

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