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Are you moving to Austria from New York? If you are relocating from the Tri-state area to Vienna or any other city in Austria, we provide door to door service and take care of your move.

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Experience shipping to/from Austria
NY International Shipping is the go-to international company for international moves from and to any location worldwide. For all those relocating to Austria, we have extensive experience as a moving company to Austria. We have an international moving network, experience and know-how to help you every step of the way; planning, coordinating and tracking your overseas move to perfection! As a highly regarded overseas moving company, NY International Shipping understands that moving to Austria may seem a bit daunting, however, we will ensure that your experience is as smooth, stress-free and successful as possible. If you’re looking for an overseas moving company worthy of your trust, contact NY International Shipping today and receive a FREE quote!

How to Find a Reliable Overseas Moving Company

If you’ve already spent some time looking for an international moving company we’re sure you’ve seen the wealth of options available to you. Everyone claims to be the best and everyone boasts experience, however, sometimes you must look beyond the claims and get to the facts. How do you do this? NY International Shipping suggests you do a little additional research to ensure that whichever company you choose when moving to Austria is the best international moving company for you! There are many simple things you can do to give you a better idea of exactly what each international moving company has to offer, how much experience they really have and how satisfied their prior clients are.

Step 1: Ask for referrals! An overseas moving company that claims to have successfully moved past clients should have referrals to back up these statements. Simply call or email whichever overseas moving companies you are considering and ask for referrals. If they refuse or delay providing you with some, it’s probably best to move on.

Step 2: Check 3rd party websites that allow past clients to report their positive or negative experiences on specific companies. This can also be a great idea to determine whether or not the overseas moving companies you are considering actually deliver what they promise.

Step 3: Visit each company’s physical office, never dealing with a company that does not have one! This way you can see how the company handles customer service and how they operate their business in person.

Step 4: Apples-to-apples comparison is a great way to accurately compare overseas moving rates between prospective international moving rates. You can do this by comparing quotes from the overseas moving companies you are considering based on using the same shipping methods to ship the same volumes from and to the same destinations. However, NY International Shipping cautions clients to never simply choose an overseas moving company based solely on their cheap rates. It may be worth considering a slightly more expensive international moving company with a better reputation. You can always reduce the overall volume of your shipment or choose a less expensive method of transport. Contact NY International Shipping today for a FREE quote!

What to Expect When Moving to Austria from New York

If you’re considering or planning on moving to Austria it’s probably a good idea to learn a bit more about the country, their culture and what the country of Austria has to offer. Austria is centrally located in Europe, surrounded by many wonderful countries—Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Italy. The capital, Vienna, is a highly visited area by tourists from all over due to its rich culture and beauty. As you may or may not know, the majority of the country (roughly 2/3) is covered by the Alps. German is the primary language spoken in Austria, so if you don’t currently speak German or your German is a bit rusty you may want to begin brushing up so that your transition after moving to Austria is a bit easier on you and your family. Austria’s currency, like much of Europe, is currently the Euro. NY International Shipping suggests speaking with your international relocation specialist about how and when you should exchange your currency for Euros. Prior to moving to Austria you should also research the types of visas available in Austria, which best suits you and your family and the procedures for obtaining them. NY International Shipping suggests you contact your local Austrian consulate to research the matter properly. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time prior to moving to Austria to obtain your visa as it can take a substantial amount of time in some cases.

If you have any questions regarding moving overseas or you wish to begin scheduling moving to Austria, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Einat Mazafi
Einat Mazafi is the owner of NY International Shipping, an International Shipping and moving company based in New York. She is also a specialist in providing the best relocation solutions to clients worldwide.